Planting time

Our seed trays have sprouted forth, so this weekend is planting time for all the transplants. Well, maybe not the cacti that I was trying to get to grow, those are slow starters, but the cucumbers, zucchini, yellow crooknecks, the three kinds of tomatoes, and a bunch of cutting flowers are all ready to go.

It rained some today, so probably we won’t be putting in any new tilled areas this weekend, which limits planting beans to planting bush varieties. I don’t have any fenceline soil prepared for beans yet. Just keeping up with the trays of cucumbers is going to be a challenge! But we need to get those in this week at the latest, as the beans stop flowering as soon as the real heat sets in.

I’m not looking forward to the backbreaking element of the work, but I will be happy to get all these baby plants into the ground. I am really eager to see how these cutting flowers w0rk out for us– I have always longed to have ample bouquets in the house all the time, but of course buying them is expensive. When you’re feeding half a dozen kids, pretty flowers for the table come way after food for the table!

Here’s hoping for a nice sunny day without the wind that was blowing so hard on Thursday or today’s rain. And that everyone keeps their hats on! We’ve already had a couple sunburned necks this year, and it’s not even April yet. But we’ve had bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush blooming since late February, so this year may be a scorcher.